Telling the truth


Ask another teacher beforehand to participate in the 'lie detector' game at the start of the assembly. Decide together which questions you're going to ask him/her - you could pick some designed for him/her to be able to give a funny or silly answer (e.g. how old are you - 21).


Some red cards and an equal number of white ones. A chair. A list of questions to ask the teacher: e.g. What's your favourite X (tv programme, food, drink, school lesson), how old are you, do you have any brothers or sisters, etc.


Fight the Good Fight

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Truth matters - both in what we say and in what we do.


Ask for some volunteers to act as a lie detecting machine. Ask your volunteer teacher to come to the front and sit in the chair, facing the children. The volunteers stand behind the teacher with a red and a white card each. You ask the teacher a question, and if the children think s/he is telling the truth then they hold up their white cards, or if they think s/he is lying then they hold up the red ones.
Thank everyone and send them to sit down again. Talk about how it's not always easy to work out whether someone is telling the truth or not.
What happens when people lie to us? Do the children know the story of the boy who cried wolf? If we are caught out in a lie, then people are less likely to believe us next time we say something. For instance, if a teacher tells us off for doing something naughty and we deny it, but then it's discovered that we were lying, then the next time we deny being the culprit it's unlikely that we'll be believed.
We have sayings, don't we, to show people that we really are telling the truth - e.g. "cross my heart" - do the children know any others? In Jesus' time, people also had sayings like this, but Jesus told his followers not to use them. He said, "Let your yes be yes and your no be no." In other words, simply tell the truth, and you will gain a reputation for telling the truth, so people will come to trust and believe you.


Lord Jesus, you know that there are times when it's hard for us to be brave enough to tell the truth. Please help us to be truthful in everything we say and do. Amen.


This assembly is based on an idea from Margaret Cooling, "Assemblies for Primary Schools: Summer Term", Association of Christian Teachers, 1990..

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